Shona McGonigal - Facebook Review

Best experience ever!! The staff is so knowledgeable, it was a great shopping experience.

Peggy Lucas  recommends Busted Ladies Lingerie.
1 hr

When my daughter was visiting me we went shopping in town & Busted was part of our tour!! She wanted a new bra!!! The service they gave her was amazing and she was so pleased with fit the she got !! She can hardly wait to come back !! She lives in Guyana now but is hoping to get back in Canada soon!!! And when she is able to visit us we will be visiting Busted!!

Rose E  reviewed Busted Ladies Lingerie — 5 star

Its been a couple years since I purchased 3 very unique bras.. I have to admit, I wear tank tops a lot as I felt bras were uncomfortable...bad habit I formed from never being fitted properly. The ladies were super helpful, made me feel very comfortable of not knowing how to be fitted (this should be taught upon your very first bra) Who would ever imagine bra shopping could be this interesting ?? If you haven't shopped here, do yourself a favor.. and go see them !! Great selection, super patient staff and just a great experience. Looking forward to another shopping trip. Oh and before I forget.. they teach you how to properly care for your new under garments 

Tiffany  reviewed Busted Ladies Lingerie — 5 star

Amazing customer service! After a horrible experience at another bra fitting boutique, we came out to Ponoka looking for a bra to wear with my wedding dress. Not only did they fit in another fitting for my mom but they went above and beyond! During our fittings she explained everything in great detail rather than just fit us quickly and get us out, she even stayed late to make sure that we were taken care of. My wedding dress had a low back so it was hard to find something to work, but after trying many different styles and tricks we were able to do it! Great choices stocked as well. Thank you so much!

Sharla C. recommends Busted Ladies Lingerie.
Customer service and outstanding knowledge -- these ladies have it! Always a great experience and they have never steered me wrong. All the bras I have purchased have fit wonderfully and the quality is excellent. Well worth the investment in comfort, healthy "girls" and wear life.

Kelly B. I learnt the Busted Ladies Shop is not the “best little bra shop in central Alberta.” It should read, “Best little Bra Shop In Alberta”. Seriously. Couldn’t get a bra over 36 inches in band size at the big West Edmonton Mall in their special bra shops, but sure got one here. Yah Ponoka! 


"Brought a friend with mobility issues to the shop today and wouldn't you know, they had me prancing around in their underpants showing off for the camera within 5 minutes, and even though I wasn't out to buy - I found something quick. They are amazing ladies who will work with you to find the right fit, with many options and a super selection of sizes - there's even something for the hardest to shop for!  Be careful what you sign up for when you go in! (And it's 100% worth it!)"