Open May 14 2020

 Tomorrow we open our doors to the public; we will be following AHS guidelines: hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance; we will limit the number of people in the store to 4 or 5 maximum at a time; if you feel the necessity to wear a mask, that is at your discretion; we will wipe down all door handles after customers leave, as well as other surfaces that would be communal; outside gloves not allowed to be worn into the store; we ask that customers be considerate of the 6' distancing, as we don't want to be the 2metre police (but will do so if necessary). Members of the same family can shop together.

We have always - and will continue to do so - told staff that are not well - to "stay home/go home." If you feel unwell, we ask that you refrain from shopping until such time as you're over any symptoms - as we want to keep our staff safe and free from any illness, too. If you want a "personal shopping experience," (senior, immune, etc) - please reach out to us at 403-790-2878, 1-888-214-6563, via Direct Messenger through our Facebook page, send an email through our website - or you can email us direct at:

We will monitor this as we go, will keep on top of any changes recommended from AHS - and so look forward to seeing you'all again.


Ways to contact us:  

PHONE:  403-790-2878 or 1-888-214-6563


TEXT:  403-783-0730



We can't wait to be back in the store, we've missed seeing all our wonderful customers.  



May 13, 2020

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