How we started

Somewhere around 2005, Oprah Winfrey started talking about women & how their bras fit; she told us that “80 – 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.” After pondering this information for about a year, I motored off to Edmonton to a bra fitting store - waited for 2.5 hours until they could fit me in – and confirmed that I was wearing the wrong size for proper support of my breasts. Always wearing a "C" cup, I was fitted in an “F” cup. It took a bit to adjust to the different fit, but I was quickly sold on wearing the proper fitting bra.  

We were involved in the Morgan horse world, and over the years I participated in many different horse sports.  I had observed many women dismount from their horse in pain - due to their breasts being less than properly supported. I had personally taken to wearing one of my fitted bras under a sports bra, to give both shape & support.

The idea for Busted Ladies Lingerie was born while watching horse show classes as a spectator. The idea was mulled over, brands sought out, leasable property found - and with the support of my wonderful hubby, Keith – “we took the plunge & opened Busted Ladies Lingerie in the fall of 2008.” Both Red Deer & Lacombe were considered for locations – but “local won out.” 

Busted opened it’s doors on October 12, 2008, in a beautiful historic building located in the heart of uptown Ponoka. We started out with about 5 different brands of bras, pretty much in basic beige, using about 750 square feet of the building. By early 2017, inventory had increased to include 20+ brands, and display area increased to about 1400 sq. feet. We had the opportunity to buy our own building, took the plunge and moved into a completely renovated 3000 square foot space, on May 1, 2017.

Our goal is to provide women not only with great fit, but also - an “uplifting experience.” Our Staff give each woman individualized attention, to ensure the best fit possible. We currently carry cup sizes A to O, band sizes 28 – 48, depending on cup size. Bras are selected from a host of renown manufacturers, allowing us to best serve the broadest range of figure types. Special orders are also available. We have added items for your favorite man, as well as a range of sleepwear - ranging from comfy to playful to elegant. Cup sized swim wear is usually available in a range of sizes. 

We have enjoyed tremendous community support since launching “Busted” in October 2008. Our out of Town customers come from around Alberta, Western Canada and even from the USA. Our store & staff have received several awards, based primarily on our Customer Service. We look forward to continuing to offer women of all shapes & sizes – an “Uplifting Experience,” through “Big City Selection and Hometown Service.”