We are open for business. We want to assure you that we are following updated guidelines from AHS. Since reopening in May 2020, we have had protocols in place for sanitizing our change rooms, door handles in and out of the store, debit machines, common areas, hand sanitizing station and more. All items that are tried on but not purchased are quarantined for the recommended time.

We are again changing to the 15% capacity which means we can have 9.5 Customers in the store at any one time. If you show up and the door is locked, we have reached our capacity. As soon as customers leave and we have sanitized, we will let more customers in. We appreciate your patience and understanding. 

You can make appointments with us for a bra fitting; walk-ins are most welcome too. You can book by calling us at 403-790-2878 or 1-888-214-6563, via the Booking Button on our Facebook page, by sending us an email though our website - or you can email us directly at: service@bustedlingerie.ca. If you have an appointment and the door is locked, please call 403-790-2878 and we will let you in at your scheduled time.

If you are not well, we ask you to stay home; it has always been company policy that any staff member who is not well - stays home.  This is and will continue to be our policy.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any further concerns. 

We are happy to be open - ready to serve our customers.  We truly appreciate your support of our small business.  Remember - "buy local - or bye local."  





Ways to contact us:  

PHONE:  403-790-2878 or 1-888-214-6563

EMAIL:  service@bustedlingerie.ca



April 7, 2021