About Us

Busted Ladies Lingerie – written by Sherry Gummow


Never having what would be considered a “model’s,” or the “perfect figure,” I have worn a variety of Bra sizes over my lifetime. Weight gain & loss, having children, and just the process of ageing have left my breasts in a less than perfect shape. Over the years, “fittings” at department type stores left me feeling that I had purchased the “best of the worst” of what was offered in the size I was supposed to be. I had experienced more than my fair share of “bra creep,” and what I now call “breast sneak,” -  that dreadful feeling of your breasts falling out the bottom of your bra as you raise your hands above your head.

I had heard of “bra fittings,” and in early 2008, I took the plunge. I drove to the City and waited for 2.5 hours before they were able to squeeze me in for a fitting. I wasn't surprised to learn I was wearing the wrong size for proper support, and felt quite proud of myself upon learning that I was an “F” cup. My breasts were quite happy that I was finally giving them the support they needed; I was sold on proper fitting bras.

During my years of showing Morgan horses, I watched many women (me included) dismount from their horse in pain, due to their breasts being less than properly supported. I took to wearing one of my “fitted bras” under a sports bra, to give both shape & support. While watching classes from the rail, the idea for a new business was born.  After discussions with friends and my always supportive hubby, we took the plunge in the fall of 2008, and “Busted” became reality.

Our goal is to provide women not only with great fit, but also, an “uplifting experience.”  Our Staff give each woman individualized attention, in order to provide the best fit possible. We currently carry from cup sizes AA to N, band sizes 28 – 50, depending on cup size.  The bras are selected from a host of renown manufacturers, allowing us to best serve the broadest range of figure types. Special orders are also available.

Over the past years, we have added items for your favourite man, as well as a range of sleepwear for both sexes, ranging from warm to playful to elegant. Cup sized swim wear is also available for many of the cup sizes we carry in bras. 

We have enjoyed tremendous community support since launching “Busted” in October 2008.  Our out of Town customers come from many Alberta locations, as well as Western Canada.  We are very grateful for each & every one of our customers.  Our store & staff have been the recipient of several awards, based primarily on our Customer Service.  We were the recipient of the Ponoka Chamber of Commerce “Small Business of the Year” in 2009 & 2012.     

Keith and I look forward to a long & successful business life in Ponoka; it’s a great place to call home. My staff and I invite you to stop by & “Get Busted in Ponoka,” as you experience how “uplifting” a bra fitting can actually be.